3M Paint Protection Film

The Clear Advantage

3M Paint Protection film

3M™ Scotchcal™ Paint Protection Film is specially designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of automotive painted finishes. When applied to the front sides, wheel arches, door edge, bumper, rocker panels or tailgate load sills areas, this OEM-approved clear urethane film allows a vehicle’s paint color brilliance to show through, while protecting it from damage caused by stone chips, bugs, abrasion and weathering.

OEM-approved 3M paint protection film is constructed of thermoplastic urethane, a tough, conformable plastic material used for its long-term durability. This layer is covered by a clear coat that contains UV protectants to counteract harmful ultraviolet rays and to resist yellowing. The film is attached with a high-performance, pressure- sensitive adhesive that ensures excellent adhesion to OEM paints, preventing costly field failures.


Tested Protection

3M routinely conducts testing of its Scotchcal paint protection film using a gravelometer, a test unit designed to reproduce the effect of gravel striking exposed painted or coated surfaces of an automobile. This testing is based on the SAE J400 standard required by vehicle manufacturers’ material specifications.

As shown in the photograph, the test is conducted on a 4” x 12” steel panel, half of which is covered with 3M paint protection film and half left unprotected. The gravelometer test was run for 24 hours to ensure complete adhesion, then frozen to -30°F and placed inside the gravelometer, where one pint of gravel (250-300 stones) is sprayed at the painted surface at a velocity of 30-60 mph. As the photograph indicates, the panel section coated with 3M film was left undamaged, while the unprotected portion shows paint chips and dents. 3M paint protection film preserves a vehicle’s value and offers clear and lasting protection for its lifetime. .