VPS paint protection film is applied to various surfaces of the vehicle which are vulnerable. This film cannot be sold directly to  the public as it must be applied by a trained applicator. Our authorised fitment centre has  personnel who have attended a recognised training course.. Contact our  fitment centre  to get the  protection your car deserves.


Once applied, refrain from washing vehicle for 72 hours. Washing after this  presents no problem and no special care needs to be  taken. Polish the film by hand with a good quality polymeric non abrasive sealeant within one week of application and there-after once every 4 to 6 months. Prelonged exposure to some Bug acids Tar, Diesel and bird dropping may stain the film if not removed.


There should be no reason to ever remove VPS paint protection film unless it is damaged by contact with an abrasive surface.   Only authorised VPS fitment centres should remove the film from the vehicle