Paint Protection Film

3M Paint Protection film

3M Paint Protection films are noted for their overall excellent performance. These rugged, yellowing-resistant films protect your vehicle while allowing the colour and brilliance to show through. Approved by automotive OEM's these durable films are flexible, conformable and easy to apply. Known as SGH6 at the OEM level, the film has a warranty period of 5 years.

VPS has distribution rights for 3M paint protection film in Southern Africa. Paint protection film is made from a super-tough 3M urethane film that has been developed specifically for the protection the painted surface of Automobiles. VPS paint protection film consists of a sheet of clear polyurethane film, glossy on one side with a pressure sensitive acrylic based adhesive on the other. Once applied, Paint Protection Film is essentially invisible. The film safeguards vulnerable painted surfaces from stone chips and surface scratches, and is removeable at any time without a trace. The product has been tested internationally on millions of vehicles as well as being tested to OEM specifications for durablility and performance requirements.